Darts for the lady brain

It’s the simplest of concepts: throw pointed arrow at board, aim for high number, count down from 501 as fast as possible. Okay, so there we have it, the basic concept. I currently play darts fairly regularly given the severe lack of pool tables in this town.

In addition, or subtraction (?), I lack a girl crew this year. I am out with guys most of the time. I don’t mind this, it is something I’m fairly accustomed to really, however, my issue here comes when playing darts with a group of beered-up men.

For me, I’m average. I can hit 20s but often slip to the 1 instead. Occasionally I get lucky, strike a bullseye or a triple 20 but it’s just all fun and games, isn’t it?

The maths is simple, the aim is the thing I lack especially at 2am when I’m without my glasses or contact lenses. At this point the guys have a habit of standing beside or behind me, instructing me ti get a double 14, or a triple whatever is required.

Now, I don’t know about you but my mental maths isn’t all that terrible. It’s not a subject I adore or excel in, but I’m no idiot either. To have 3 or 4 men behind me telling me this I find a little more than infuriating. More so given that they don’t do it to each other.

When I turn around and tell them that I am more than capable of working out the required shot I’m met wit the touchy “Ooh, sorry, just trying to help” and often a comment regarding female sensitivity or the the like.

I must admit that I’ve never specifically suffered from “Men explaining things to me”, like everyone I get annoyed when anything I know is explained to me – but this is definitely causing frustration.