I previously mentioned that I was unable to travel to a Women’s March on January 21st, I am however going to try play my part as much as possible. 10 actions over 100 days is the plan and so here is my email to T.May(be) as part of action numero 1. I would have loved to write much more but sadly they limit your characters!

Dear Mrs May,

There is very little that we have in common. The majority of what you say and do I oppose and as a young woman, currently living another EU country, I believe that in no way do you have my best interests at heart. What we do have in common is our gender, however, and come Thursday you shall be seen shaking the new President’s tiny hand and treating him with the dignity he does not deserve, dignity he does not offer others himself.

I write this email to implore you to stand your ground, defend human rights. Remind him that he will be held accountable for his actions. Remind him the world is watching. Remind him that together we are strong, we shall not be quiet and we shall not let him repeal what so many have fought so hard to achieve, what so many people are continuing to fight for. We must fight for future generations and for the future of those generations.

Equality makes us stronger, it makes us prosper and it is our undeniable right.

Regards, IPWilkinson