Leading Ladies of Television

In recent years it has seemed like television executives have finally acknowledged the existence of a female audience. And not in a Sex and the City kind of way. In a Jessica Jones bad-ass-women take on the world and it’s not about their heels and hair kind of way!

I have found myself enjoying many more TV series with female leads and have found more women in the film and television industry speaking out about the misogyny and pay inequality as an encouraging sign.

Last year I indulged in Good Girls Revolt, a series about a female revolution in the male-dominated world of journalism at the turn of the 70’s. I revelled in it, felt empowered by the story I hadn’t previously known of and couldn’t wait for more…until I read that Amazon bosses had cancelled the show. I was very disappointed by this and additionally felt that minimal effort had been pt in to promoting the show.

In a similar vein I am still sat here waiting for Jessica Jones season 2, apparently pushed back several times in favour of male led superhero series.

After the success and popularity of the recent adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies surely the top dogs need to take heed and see there is still room for more female led television, be it superhero (as we’ve seen the success of WonderWoman), be it older women or younger women there is half the world who would like to see this – we’re not all Carrie Bradshaws.

The other great part of this is the rise in TV shows with black female leads, Insecure being a personal favorite of mine (Issa Rae is incredible!) Empire and Scandal are the two other obvious mentions, incredible shows showing complex women. Give us more please rather than less!!