KardashianBlocker Anyone?

After having spent the day preaching Maya Angelou poems to my students on International Women’s Day I had positive vibes flying around me. They had been engaged, they had been interested and above all they had something to say on the matter – which isn’t always the case.

My mood has managed to take a dive though. Whilst scrolling through Facebook I was confronted by yet another picture of a Kardashian. Another nude photo. Another argument on Twitter. And for me another eye roll. This time however, I genuinely felt dispirited. I have spoken today of inspirational women, of women that have achieved something great, of women who stood for something worthwhile and yet this click-bait is what is the most read.

I have never understood the phenomenon, I never will. Reality TV has never floated my boat but I know plenty of people that watch it. To me it is bizarre that a large percentage of earth actually gives a shit about this family, they actually give a shit about their actual shit?

I think I’ve waited long enough for their popularity to fade but it doesn’t appear to be happening – my question now is how can I erase them from my line of vision? We have access to Ad Blockers – is there no such invention as a Kardashian Blocker? Please world, I know I don’t stand alone in this, please help!


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